18 September 2004

Liberty 35 School 1904-05- NW Oklahoma

School Photograph The Pioneer Teacher... The Pioneer Teacher, Constance Warwick - 1904-05"My name is Earl Fugit and several of the students named are my Great Aunts or Uncles who I knew as a child and young man. I am also fortunate to have a copy of the Woods County Atlas 1906 and a copy of Pioneer Footprints Across Woods County. I also have a copy of genealogy notes compiled by Neil Fugit (deceased) and Albums containing many photographs of the Fugit, Oviatt and J B Ross family dating from late 1800 thru the 1950.

One of these albums contains the exact same school photograph. These albums belonged to Mrs. Nellie Oviatt Fugit and were passed down to me by my father Ray Fugit. Using the above documents I believe the school was Liberty School located approximately 6-miles South and 1-East of Alva -- about 5-miles North and one 1-East of Hopeton. This school was about 5 miles from the Warwick homestead.

believe the names on the back of the picture are all in the same hand writing and was added sometime after the picture was taken. (the inclusion of spouse names would indicate after 1919), I also feel the picture was taken prior to 1910 because of the birth dates and marriage dates of some of the students as shown below. I think the year could be as early as 1904 or 1905. I have arranged the list by gender and in age sequence in hopes of being able to identify some of the students from other photographs I have -- in the Pioneer Footprints. No success so far." -- Earl Fugit - Email: erfoknym@comcast.net

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