23 September 2004

Who were these Early Alva Group...

Is this the "First Grand Jury of WOODS Co."?... We recently received an interesting "old" photo showing Scott Cummins seated on the front-row, 4th from the left. To the right of Scott Cummins, the Pilgrim Bard, is Thomas Dyer, seated front-row, 3rd from left. Notice the dark hair gentleman standing on the back-row, 3rd from left... That is my Grandpa Wm. Jacob "Bill" McGill. From the picture of McGill... it looks like some of those during his early 1900's baseball photos around 1907 or so.

We would like very much to find out the names of the other gentlemen. Someone suggested that it may be the "First Grand Jury of Woods County." OR... Is it an Alva Lodge Group?

Some of these faces seem familiar as if I have seen them in the 1903 Souvenir Edition of the Alva Pioneer. These are NOT positive identification... Center-row: far left-George Crowell, 2nd left-W.F. Hatfield, 3rd left-L.W. Moore; Back-row, 2nd right-F.P. Alexander;

Do YOU recognize any of your ancestors in this photograph? Is it a Lodge photo? Could this be a photo of Alva Businessmen in the early 1900s? Could this be the 1st Grand Jury of Woods County after Statehood?

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