18 September 2004

Rediscover the Treasures - Northwestern...

Duchess' NW Corner...

Northwestern -- Rediscover the Treasure... Duchess Rose - The Boss & Editor That is what we have been doing all this week. Rediscovering and discovering the treasures of some old Northwestern yearbooks.

It all began when Oakie and I made our daily trip to the postoffice the beginning of this week. What was waiting for us was a book box of treasures... three old Northwestern Yearbooks from 1926, 1937 and 1938. Can't wait until Oakie gets finished scanning -- transcribing them for you all.

Castle on the Hill View - 1926, Alva, OKYep! This Precious Pug watches the birds, eagles and other mountain creatures while Oakie has been busy cranking up the old scanner -- starting the scanning process -- transcribing The Ranger 1926 "Castle On The Hill" Yearbook. Oakie has been consumed -- transported back in time to the 1926's in NW Oklahoma. Finding, learning more about the Castle on the Hill each day. We are updating our okielegacy.net with the following pages - NSTC - The Ranger 1926. We have put the full-scanned pages of The Ranger 1926 Yearbook on our NW OkieLegacy Webshots. Browse through both places and see what ancestors, friends and memories you might remember. Bookmark for future updates. This should keep Oakie busy for awhile, huh?

As to Rediscover the Treasure & Northwestern... You need to mark your calendars for September 30th thru October 2nd, 2004, Alva, Oklahoma. Join us and help rediscover the Treasure as the Community and the Rangers band together for another Cinderella Coronation and Homecoming celebrations at Northwestern's 2004 Homecoming. Hope to see most of you there! Yep! Oakie and I will be crowding the downtown square the morning of Saturday, October 2, 2004, for the Ranger's Homecoming parade. We are looking forward to seeing Y'all there!

Remember how it was in the "old days" ... When the parade with hundreds of bands, schools, elaborate floats would start up at the College and march down College Avenue -- around the downtown square -- ending at Washington Elementary School. Remember the organizations and church groups that setup food booths along College Avenue? Remember the Big Shows with Big Entertainers that got everyone got dressed to-the-nines?

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