30 May 2016

OkieLegacy Ezine/Tabloid, Vol. 18, Iss. 21 2016-05-30

Castle On The Hill, Alva, Oklahoma, 1893
We are in process of publishing this weeks OkieLegacy Ezine/Tabloid, while consolidating websites, and webpages into our OkieLegacy database.

This week we are adding the "1920 Pow-wow Alva High Yearbook." Next week we will continue consolidating old yearbooks with the NSTC 1917 Yearbook. You may now read it and post comments at The Okie Legacy: Volume 18, Issue 21 published on 2016-05-30


 If you are having problems finding (paristimes.com) and (okielegacy.org), those domains have been merged with okielegacy.net at http://okielegacy.net/paristimes/ and http://okielegacy.net/okielegacy/.

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