18 May 2016

Lincoln County, Oklahoma

Lincoln County, Oklahoma

Chandler, OK (1999)
Chandler Museum (1999)
Chandler, OK (1999)
All Were Republicans:
Harry F. Ardery, county treasurer
Claud F. Parker, Sheriff
P. P. Hillerman, Count Attorney
G. A. Colton, County Clerk
Marquis D. Losey, County Superintendent
Charles Cunningham, Surveyor
Thomas J. Taylor, Register of Deeds 

County Commissioners: C. H. DeFord, Wylie H. Blakemore and W. N. Warren.

The County Commissioners held their first meeting October 22, 1891 at 2 pm, although the location was not recorded. Blakemore was elected chairman at this first meeting. On November 5th... The board voted to advertise for sealed bids for proposals to rent space for court rooms and county offices for one year, with a possible two-year extension.

On November 12, bids were awarded to Kalklosch and Johnson, and to R. S. White and C. L. White for rental of rooms in their business buildings from January 1, 1892 through January 1, 1893.

The commissioners voted November 7, 1891, to name the various townships in the county as follows... Ponca, Pawnee, Osage, Cimarron, Iowa, Tohee, Otoe, Chandler, Fox, Keokuk, Creek, Seminole, Choctaw, Wichita and Kickapoo.

As the years passed, the townships were divided into north and south divisions as population and needs for services merited. The divided townships were named at that time. Township government played an important role in the assessment of property, opening, building and maintaining roads. The commissioners approved naming township in southwestern County A Kickapoo and Wichita, although that part of the county was still part of the Kickapoo reservation and not open for settlement. That area had already been disignated to become part of the county when it was eventually settled.

Residents of Counties A at the first general election in November, 1892, chose names for their counties and elected officials to serve as the first elected officers.

In County
The Populists proposed the name of Sac and Fox. The Democrats wanted the name Springer (for William Springer, member of Congress from Illinois). The Republicans proposed the name of Lincoln (for the president). The Republicans won by a majority and the county was named Lincoln.

1st Monday, January, 1893 ... The first elected officers in Lincoln County took office the first Monday in January, 1893.
They were:
D. W. Ulam, county treasurer
Claud F. Parker, sheriff
W. H. Mason, probate judge
Thomas J. Taylor, register of deeds
J. B. Underwood, county clerk
J. W. Crawford, county attorney
M. D. Losey, county superintendent
N. McKimmey, surveyor
Smith Rhea, coroner
Commissioners: C. A. Kelso, first district; Benoni Rea, second district; and Jacob Amberg, third district.

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