18 May 2012

Old Alva, M, Oklahoma Territory Pamphlet

We find a gem of a pamphlet put out sometime between the late 19th century and early twentieth century when Alva was a part of Oklahoma Territory. Oklahoma did not become a State until 1907.

Old Alva OK Businesses

Alva was born September 16, 1893, in "M" county, Oklahoma Territory (O.T.), one of the liveliest infants ever seen in the world. Name, Alva. Weight, the combined avoirdupois of 2,200 people, as many horses and old mules, and a few wagons and tents thrown in.

Since then the youngster has been growing steadily day by day and increasing in size and good looks until it has become the pride and delight of the whole county.

There has been no boom about Alva, and the people want none. Neither has there been any unseemly squabble with rival towns as has been the case in other parts of the (Cherokee) Strip. The settlers came for business and went about securing it in the very best manner. They established themselves in permanent buildings as soon as possible, Put up dwelling houses for their families......

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