05 January 2012

Let Me Tell You A Story . . .

Long, Long ago in a rural and evil land, near the community of Evilwood, there lived a young innocent maiden that worked to bring lives together. Her name was Phebe and she had the heart of gold, which is why everyone tended to gather around her.

This did not set well with her ugly step-sisters who clamoured for the spotlight. The oldest step-sister was Assie and had a son that was a bit on the crazy side.  As most crazy sons, Gork, was easily manipulated by his mother to do her dirty work of wiping out those that overshined Assie.  He kept his semi-automatic rifle by his side constantly just for that occasion.

The youngest step-sister, Spos, lived in a dream world of her own where nothing affected anyone but her.  Spos was good at playing the victim even when she was not a victim.  That is how she got what she wanted. Spos, like Assie, had a son, Torr, that she could manipulate and use to bring fear to outsiders who did not favour his mother, Spos. Torr was of the same mindset, crazy like Gork.  They were both greedy and did not care whose toes they stepped on to get to the big dog stage of the game.  You know what I mean? Torr and Gork both insisted being armed with semi-automatic guns to scare innocent bystanders.

They fit right in to the rest of the citizens of Evilwood in a land far away.  The judge of that small community was known to dabble in gun running and selling unlawful semi-automatic guns with a local attorney of Evilwood.  So . . . you can kind of see where this might be headed, huh?

The crooked attorney manipulated the mindless gun-running judge with blackmail to get the outcome he wanted in court cases.  Citizens were too afraid to speak up against the attorney and judge for fear of retribution by the court.

The only person who did not fall into the fear tactics of Evilwood's kingpins was Phebe.  She was finding her voice and calling the evil doers out on everything and showing the facts to support her allegations. You can be sure that the evil doers of Evilwood had to take Phebe down a notch, but how do they accomplish that task?  Phebe kept bouncing back and occupying every thought the evil doers tried.  It was like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story at different intervals as they happen!

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