09 September 2008

McKinney TX IOOF Lodge Brothers

Early Day Lodge Brothers - McKinney, Texas

Who are these “Lodge” brothers of McKinney, Texas?

A lady in St. Louis, Missouri sent us a copy of this old photograph showing a group portrait of Lodge brothers of some kind. We suspect IOOF, because looking at the tent with the crossing shafts behind them you can make out the letters: F, H and C (Faith, Hope and Charity).

This picture was left to Rosemary Benson (Email: rosemarybenson@sbcglobal.net) in an estate/trust from Jimmy Ray McCluskey from McKinney, Texas. He was a Cherokee Indian and his mother’s maiden name was REED. We have Rosemary’s snail-mail address and phone, if needed. If you have or need any more information concerning the old IOOF photo, then email Rosemary Benson at the rosemarybenson@sbcglobal.net. Thanks

We did some searching on the internet for IOOF lodges in McKinney, Texas and found where their three-story IOOF lodge tumbled down around 1913.

If anyone out there has any more clues to the identity of this group lodge brothers, please send an email to Linda - EMAIL: mcwagner.lk@gmail.com


  1. Yes these are Odd Fellows. The picture on the wall behind them is an Encampment seal. The Encampment's seal is a purple tent with golden trim, the triple links above the tent door and crossed shepherds crooks.

  2. My maternal great grandfather, Greenberry Adams, is in this photo. Hard to tag him due to low resolution. He was a longtime member of the McKinney Lodge and his headstone in Pecan Grove Cemetery bears an IOOF 25 year insignia. He worked for decades at the McKinney Courier Gazette and lived on N. Church St. Is there a higher resolution scan available by any chance?
    David Brawley

  3. David, did you click the image for a larger view? That is the best image that I have. Sorry about that. ~ LK McGill Wagner