09 September 2008

History of AHS Goldbug

Goldbug History -- It seems that in the early 1920’s, a high school principal, J. Allen Thomas, taught English. He was a great admirer of Edgar Allan Poe and especially like “The Gold Bug.”

According to the Reunion 2000 article appearing in the special edition of the Alva Review Courier at Reunion 2000, “Mr. Thomas conceived the idea of awarding beautiful paper goldbugs to outstanding students at annual honor banquets. The bugs, which were made by the high school students, went to those who were rated superior in their classwork and to those who were judged as being talented performers in music, debate, dramatics, and other school activities.”

After that in the late 1920’s the students began calling their athletic teams, “Goldbugs.” The idea continues to this day. The mascot, Goldbug, is the “Symbol of Excellence” in academic and extracurricular activities.

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