09 September 2008

Castle On The Hill Poem

(Also found in The OkieLegacy Ezine, Vol. 6, Iss. 50 See also, this PDF file of the : 1938 Ranger yearbook, scroll to pg. 17 of the PDF file for the lyrics of the poem).

We would like to share a few lines from a poem entitled - The Castle On the Hill - written by Thelma Meyers for the 1938 Ranger Album (pg. 2, of Ranger yearbook) .

The Castle On the Hill
“You have written your name in history.
Oh! Northwestern!
You’ve engraved it deep upon the scrolls of fame.
We have linked our lives with yours –
Oh! Norhtwestern!
Our achievements add a luster to your name.

We’ll write your name upon the archives of distinction.
Ambition and achievement e’er will be our aim.
We will write your name with reverence,
Oh! Northwestern!
Our achievements will but glorify the same.

So – then stand ye sons and daughters of Old Northwestern!
Take off your hats to the men upon the field!
They will fight tonight for Old Northwestern
And for the honor of the Castle on the Hill!
So – then stand all ye sons of Old Northwestern!
Paying tribute to the men who never yield.
They will win tonight for Old Northwestern.
And for the glory of the Castle on the Hill!”
— Thelma Meyers —

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