09 September 2008

AHS - Class of 1920's

AHS Early Grads of the 1920s
Aftermath Reunion 2000 - Classes of the 1920's

The Graduates of the 1920s were the honored group during AHS Reunion 2000, Monday, 3rd July 2000, in downtown Alva, Oklahoma, 10:00AM. (SEE Reunion 2000 Pics for more photos of that 2000 reunion.)

This lively lovely ladies were invited to be the marshals of the Reunion 2000 parade held July 3rd, 2000, on the downtown streets of Alva, Oklahoma. Not all are shown in this parade photograph taken the morning of the parade. AHS names of 1920s… Marjorie Hayward (1925), Wilma Lee (1926), Elanor Sterba (1927), Vera Strasbaugh (1928), Mary Barbara Korff (1923), Eloise Ferguson Faull (1925), Addie McGuire (1926).

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