07 October 2004

WWI Photos - NW Oklahoma & Chick Studios

The Okie Legacy, Vol. 6, Iss. 40: "WWI Sept. 1917WWI 1917 & 1918 Photos... One of our readers sent a couple of WWI photos taken around September, 1917 & 1918. We are in search of some names and identifications of those in the these photos. If you can help identify some of these WWI veterans, we would love to hear from you. CLICK the small images on the right and left to view the larger pictures. WWI Sept. 1918These photos were taken by Chick Studios of Alva. We are also searching for the records of Chick Studio and do they still exist and, if so, could the date of the portait be determined? Did Chick Studios offer some sort of a 'deal' for departing soldiers to have portraits made with loved ones before they left? If you know of someone that can help us out, please let us hear from you. Thanks! "

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  1. My husband believes that his uncle, Frederick Soloman Ward, is standing to the left of the white column or post on the right hand side of the door. The post would be to his left. He was born in 1896 and entered the service from Alva, Woods Co in 1918. His family lived in the Freedom area from 1915-16 and moved away from there in 1919.