10 September 2004

Runnymede Project - Alva, Oklahoma...

Alva's First Jury - runnymede in backgroundHi Linda, Thanks for stirring up interest in the Runnymede project in your e-zine. Your history is quite accurate. I have several pictures of the Runnymede -- both before and after the move from Kansas to Oklahoma. I also have pictures of the Runnymede colonists who enjoyed having their pictures made with guns, knives and big western hats. I suppose these wild west pictures were meant to impress the folks back in England. I'll attach a few lo-res pictures (I have several more, mostly of settlers). Any pictures with a file name beginning with KSHS should be credited to the Kansas State Historical Society. We would love to have a picture of the building being moved. If someone has such a picture we will carefully make a copy and return the original to its owner. -- Jim Richey - Email: j.richey@sbcglobal.net


  1. Do you happen to know what YEAR this photo was taken? Do you have any names of the persons in this photo?

  2. I just found out that this was the first Grand Jury of "M" County, before statehood (1907). These are the names that we know, but we don’t know whose name goes with which. They were listed this way:
    1. Judge McAtee;
    2. R. B. Furgerson (Ferguson?)(Bailiff);
    3. J. A. Walters;
    4. F. C. Dann (Darr?);
    5. H. H. George;
    6. C. E. McDaniels;
    7. Jno. Olody;
    8. W. S. McDonald;
    9. Jno. Young;
    10. E. H. Green;
    11. A. F. Bowels;
    12. A. J. Hudley;
    13. West (Clerk);
    14. J. T. Adams;
    15. Fred Berringer (Bailiff);
    16. Ross Kerr.

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