10 September 2004

Original Runnymede Hotel - Kansas Colony

The original Runnymede Hotel building as it appeared in Kansas before the move. Note the fancy Victorian trim on the porch and the gables on the third floor. The third floor was removed before the move to Oklahoma and rebuilt here as a Mansard style roof. -- courtesy of the Kansas State Historical Society & Jim Richey Posted by Hello


  1. Was the Runnymede Hotel in Alva, OK first called the Hendrickson Hotel?

  2. The Runnymede building was called the Runnymede Arms Hotel in Kansas. When it was moved to Oklahoma Territory in 1893 it was opened as the Hendrickson Hotel. It changed hands several times. In 1912 it became the Rhodes Hotel and in 1918 the Gunn Hotel. Somewhere along the line it became the Runnymede Hotel and that name has stayed with it since.

  3. My great grandfather came over from England to the Runnymede Arms Hotel sometime around 1889-1890. Where can I find more information about this place?